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Friends Of The Library

Who We Are

We are your neighbors. Our community group focuses public attention on the library. We support the library's board of directors, the director, library services, programs and facilities. We do this not only with funding but also by volunteering our time for projects and activities.

What Do We Do?

Children's programs: The Friends provide summer programming for youngsters in our area.

Activities: The Friends sponsor an annual book sale held in October and manage a gift and "pre-owned" book shop - Books 'n Stuff - in the library. In addition, the Friends sponsor other library events including the volunteer luncheon to honor those who give thousands of hours to help the staff with library operations.

Resources: The Friends raise funds to augment the library's collection of resources - books, videos, DVDs, audiobooks, periodicals, reference materials, etc.

Enjoyment: The Friends enjoy the camaraderie of working together and sharing common goals -- to help the Ephrata Public Library and to spread the word about the importance of public libraries to the vitality and welfare of the community.

Do You Care?

You have the choice of supporting the Friends in several different ways. Many members support us with their memberships only - and that is a valuable contribution. Some Friends may want to actively take part in the Friends' organization by attending our monthly meetings held in the library's conference room on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Others may wish to participate in our various library assistance programs such as volunteering in the book and gift shop, helping to sort books for the annual book sale, or donating food for various events.

The point is you decide how involved you wish to be. Be assured whatever you do will always be appreciated.

With your membership you will receive a coupon for free admission to the book sale on opening night and $2.50 off at Books & Stuff bookstore.

Please join us on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. for our Friends meeting.

This page was last modified on March 18 2011